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2006 World Cup Winner Italy News

Students perform in Austria and Italy

SW News Media
On Thursday, the group departed Innsbruck and went south across the famous Europa Bridge, and through the Dolomites mountain rainge to Italy. The first major stop of the day was the Italian town of Verona. Famous for the setting of Shakespeare's "Romeo ...

2006 World Cup Winner Italy News

Frost, Hail Inflict Heavy Vineyard Damage Across France and Italy

Wine Spectator
Across France and Northern Italy, winegrowers have been employing candles, sprinklers, wind turbines and even helicopters to save their crops. Last week a cold snap from the north swept through many parts of France and northern Italy, killing young ...

2006 World Cup Winner Italy News

Italy, Greece Look to Macron to Help Douse Anti-EU Fires

Voice of America
The Italian and Greek governments are counting on France's likely next president Emmanuel Macron to help them see off populist parties that blame European Union-enforced austerity and open immigration policies for economic and social ills. Greek prime ...

2006 World Cup Winner Italy News

Freed journalist returns to Italy

An Italian journalist who was detained in Turkey two weeks ago while doing research for a book has been released. Gabriele del Grande flew straight back to Italy. The 34-year-old had been held without charge in prison since being arrested on April 9th.


France News

2006 World Cup Loser France News

Russian Hackers Who Targeted Clinton Appear to Attack France's Macron

New York Times
The report has heightened concerns that Russia may turn its playbook on France in an effort to harm Mr. Macron's candidacy and bolster that of Mr. Macron's rival, the National Front leader Marine Le Pen, in the final weeks of the French presidential ...

2006 World Cup Loser France News

France Against Itself

The New York Review of Books
It was Easter Sunday in Nice, France's fifth-largest city, exactly one week before the first round of the country's presidential election. In the old town, there were armed police guarding the Cathedral of Sainte-Réparate—part of the country's ...

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2006 World Cup Loser France News

France, North Korea, Trump's 100 Days: Your Morning Briefing

New York Times
... • North Korea celebrates the 85th anniversary of the founding of its army today, amid signs that its sixth nuclear test could be imminent. In separate phone calls with President Trump, President Xi Jinping of China appealed for restraint and Prime ...

2006 World Cup Loser France News

France votes for hope over fearmongering

Financial Times
The profound nature of political change taking place in France is hard to overstate. Not since Charles de Gaulle gave birth to the Fifth Republic in 1958 have both mainstream political parties of the right and left failed to field a candidate in the ...

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