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Ch K-Run's Park Me In First (Uno) (Caroline Dowell & Eddie Dziuk & Jon Woodring & Kat)


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2008 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch K-Run

Airbnb rules rip neighbors apart

The Courier-Journal
But the city's planning commission wants Metro Council to tack on more regulations, including where those short-term rentals can be located, who can operate them and how they should run. The commission suggests rentals can be allowed in residential, ...

2008 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch K-Run

Leonardo DiCaprio gives impassioned speech about climate change at the UN

Daily Mail
The Paris Agreement, the world's response to hotter temperatures, rising seas and other impacts of climate change, was reached in December as a major breakthrough in UN climate negotiations, which for years were slowed by disputes between rich and poor ...

2008 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch K-Run

South Korea admits Kim Jong-un has already obtained miniaturised nuclear warheads

Daily Mail
North Korea is thought to be planning another nuclear test in the run-up to its next Party Congress on May 7. South Korean defence ministry spokesman Moon Sang-kyun said their military is on standby for any provocations. But South Korean analyst Yang ...

2008 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch K-Run

California Leads Western States in Habitat Loss

That's an area bigger than Yellowstone National Park, as the Center points out. And of all the eleven states studied, California lost the largest amount of natural land to development between 2001 and 2011. Californians sacrificed 784 square miles of ...

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