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Ch Registry's Lonesome Dove (Marion W & Samuel B Lawrence)

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1992 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Registry

Jon Abrahamson

Times Record
He enjoyed working, fishing, riding his Harley and watching the Dallas Cowboys and classic westerns, especially Lonesome Dove. He was preceded in death by his father, ... 6-8 p.m today at Roberts Funeral Home. To sign online registry, go to robertsfh.com.

1992 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Registry

From endangered to extinct: the tragic flight of the Eskimo curlew

It is — or was — a long-legged shorebird about the size of a mourning dove, with mottled brown feathers and a distinctively long, thin, downward-curving beak. For the Eskimo curlew, a once-plentiful species of sandpiper that's eerily linked in ...

1992 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Registry

Fans should skip first game to protest NHL's labour debacle

When the two sides in the NHL labour dispute grow tired at last of waving their pizzles (terminology courtesy of the great Larry McMurtry, author of Lonesome Dove) around in public to show whose is bigger, and they finally play hockey again, don't go ...

1992 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Registry

Bets Bets: "Skyfall," Aerosmith album, "Lincoln"

CBS News
On the small screen, the only noteworthy premiere is "Browncoats Unite," Firefly's 10th anniversary reunion special Sunday night on the Science channel. On Broadway, a revival of ... Pulitzer Prize-winning author Larry McMurtry, whose previous works ...

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