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Westminster Dog Show

Ch Braeburn's Close Encounter (Sonnie & Alan Novick)

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1984 Westminster Dog Show Winner
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1985 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Braeburn

According to a Recent Study/Survey … Mid-September 2016 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management (registration)
And while many use their devices to collect and curate information on their own, 80 percent want to hear about discounts and special deals, with email (64 percent) as the most-preferred channel. In 2016, Deloitte surveyed ... While the industry ...

1985 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Braeburn

FDA Approves First Buprenorphine Implant for Opioid Addiction

Regulatory Focus
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday approved Braeburn Pharmaceutical's buprenorphine implant, Probuphine, to treat opioid dependence. The implant works by providing patients with a low dose of buprenorphine for six months as part ...

1985 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Braeburn

Matchstick-size implant could help beat heroin and prescription painkiller addictions

Daily Mail
The implant from Braeburn Pharmaceuticals is essentially a new, long-term delivery system for an established drug, buprenorphine, which has long been used to treat opioid addiction. But its implantable format could help patients avoid dangerous ...

1985 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Braeburn

Could an IMPLANT cure heroin addiction? Six-month treatment 'allows continual stream of drugs to curb opioid cravings'

Daily Mail
Speaking ahead of today's meeting, Behshad Sheldon, president and CEO of Braeburn Pharmaceuticals, said: 'The data from the final phase 3 trial, which was designed in collaboration with the FDA in response to questions raised in the complete response ...

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