Who Won the 1972
Westminster Dog Show

Ch Chinoe's Adamant James (Milton E Prickett)

Spaniel (English Springer)

1971 Westminster Dog Show Winner
1973  Winner

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1972 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Chinoe

In the Juniors Ring: Dropping the Lead
Dog Channel
The primo accomplishment for a junior handler is to qualify and exhibit at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show. When competing against the most exceptional junior handlers in the country, all juniors can really do is cross their fingers ...

1972 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Chinoe

You Said It: Let's Promote Our Rare Breeds
Dog Channel
As I write this, it is almost time for America's most loved dog show to begin in New York City. Westminster is one of my favorite shows of the year, next to the Palm Springs shows. I used to record the Westminster coverage when I was a kid and watch ...

1972 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Chinoe

Scottish 'aristocrats' say they're broke – for real this time
The couple had $3 million tucked away in various bank accounts, some of it from her Cavalier King Charles breeding business, which turned out a Westminster dog show award-winning pup, and some from his Caribbean television company, TCN Networks, ...

1972 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Chinoe

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Conan O'Brien's Comedy Beginnings
Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel developed Triumph based on the dogs at the Westminster Dog Show. In the early days of Late Night there was a recurring routine where they would have dog puppets do stupid tricks, with Smigel pitching the idea of a dog ...

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