Who Won the 1953
Westminster Dog Show

Ch Rancho Dobe's Storm (Mr & Mrs Len Carey)

Doberman Pinscher

1952 Westminster Dog Show Winner
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1953 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Rancho Dobe

The 5 Woofiest Descriptions of Westminster Dog Show Competitors

A 1953 description of Rancho Dobe's Storm, a Doberman pinscher: “Storm was matched against a Skye terrier which looked like a dust mop, a prissy poodle, a sad-eyed bloodhound, a self-conscious Irish setter and a pudgy pug. It was hardly a contest ...

1953 Westminster Dog Show Winner Ch Rancho Dobe

2010 Westminster Dog Show

Digital News Report
Digital News Report – The Westminster Kennel Club is holding their 134th Annual Dog Show Monday and Tuesday with nearly 2500 dogs of 150 breeds (see video below). Held every year since 1877, the show is the second longest running “consecutive” ...

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