Who Won the 1988
Vezina Trophy

Grant Fuhr

Edmonton Oilers

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1988 Vezina Trophy Winner Grant Fuhr News

Do You Know Your Red Wings Trivia?

The Hockey Writers
Are you a die-hard Detroit Red Wings fan? Think you know all there is to know about the team? Let's find out. We've dug into the past to pull out some key moments by some of the great players and coaches in the franchise's history.

1988 Vezina Trophy Winner Grant Fuhr News

Stop the madness

When I was a child, my favorite player was Grant Fuhr. It never occurred to me he was black. All I saw was a guy who could stop any puck. I wore his jersey. I'd try to make saves like him. Every time I saw him interviewed or out in the community, he ...

1988 Vezina Trophy Winner Grant Fuhr News

The Cult of Hockey: Signings of Draisaitl, McDavid signal second coming of Edmonton Oilers dynasty

Edmonton Journal
The great irony of the Oilers dynasty is that the best player on those teams was there for four of them, and not all five cups…as Mark Messier, Grant Fuhr, Jari Kurri, Kevin Lowe, Charlie Huddy and Randy Gregg were. But even if you set aside Wayne ...

1988 Vezina Trophy Winner Grant Fuhr News

The Trade: 29 years later

You can't trade him. It must be a mistake. Grant Fuhr was on The Rock when he heard about it and he, too, didn't understand. “I was out at Bob Cole's golf tournament in Newfoundland with Marty [McSorley,]” Fuhr said. “Somebody came out to the golf ...

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