Who Won the 1981
Vezina Trophy

Richard Sevigny

Montreal Canadiens

1980 Vezina Trophy Winner
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1981 Vezina Trophy Winner Richard Sevigny News

Lawmakers accept $1.1m federal grant to study mental health insurance

The Union Leader
Chris Sununu, Insurance Commissioner Roger Sevigny and advocacy groups in the substance abuse and mental health arenas supported the measure, but it failed twice before the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee, which is empowered to accept federal ...

1981 Vezina Trophy Winner Richard Sevigny News

'Florida,' 'Vincent,' 'Breathe' and 'Brave" lead abundance of Friday openings

cleveland.com (blog)
Felt, played rather sternly, if downright unhappily, by Liam Neeson, is the FBI official who spilled the beans on the Watergate robbery that ultimately led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon. That makes him the snitch dubbed the infamous ...

1981 Vezina Trophy Winner Richard Sevigny News

NW Previews

Arkansas Online
PG-13 FBI official Mark Felt, whom Woodward and Bernstein identified as "Deep Throat," leaks information to the press that helps to uncover the 1973-74 Watergate scandal and the susbsequent resignation of President Richard Nixon. With Liam Neeson ...

1981 Vezina Trophy Winner Richard Sevigny News

'The Snowman' Is A Grim, Dim, Snowbound Thriller

(Side-note: I've long argued that Matt Reeves' remake Let Me In is is better than the Swedish original, in part because of Richard Jenkins' devastating emotional anchor, and also the lack of cats. Perhaps this Snowman bungle will convince audiences to ...

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