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Bob Sauve

Buffalo Sabres

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1980 Vezina Trophy Winner Bob Sauve News

The Oral History of John Titor, the Man Who Traveled Back in Time to Save the Internet

Pamela Moore, John Titor contact, to Titor scholar Mike Sauve in January 2017: Everyone thinks I started out asking John too many detailed questions when he came in 2000. But the truth was I had a detailed dream of a time traveler .... Jason Quitt ...

1980 Vezina Trophy Winner Bob Sauve News

ASMSU alumni reflect on their time in student government

The State News
Bob Murphy is the director of university relations and policy with the Michigan Association of State Universities. He also worked in the state budget office after graduation from MSU – but he got his start in ASMSU representing of the College of Social ...

1980 Vezina Trophy Winner Bob Sauve News

1997: The year the Raiders were state champs

His coaching philosophy, which he learned from his father Bob Sullivan (long-time Carleton football coach) and his high school hockey coach John McNamara, is that while “we want them to work hard, to be disciplined,” playing high school football is ...

1980 Vezina Trophy Winner Bob Sauve News

Watch an Italian Restaurant Trick Diners Into Eating Pizza Hut Pasta ...

Way back in 2008, Pizza Hut ran an advertisement showcasing its brand new menu of Tuscani pastas. In the commercial, unwitting diners rave about their pasta ...

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