Who Won the 1999
Tour De France

Lance Armstrong

91 hrs 32 min 16 sec

1998 Tour De France Winner
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1999 Tour De France Winner Lance Armstrong News

The Buzz 10/21/17: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Charlotte Observer (blog)
If UNC has such lack of integrity with their athletes' academic programs, one wonders where else they're lacking. UNC is to college athletics as Lance Armstrong is to cycling. Welcome to the new Carolina Way. “Habitat loss” really means “destruction by ...

1999 Tour De France Winner Lance Armstrong News

'The truth saved me': Former competitive cyclist describes career marred by lies, doping and deceit

Billings Gazette
An admitted blood doper who competed alongside Lance Armstrong at the Tour de France and ultimately gave back an Olympic Gold medal, Missoula resident and former professional cyclist Tyler Hamilton described his descent into performance enhancing ...

1999 Tour De France Winner Lance Armstrong News

Tour de France racer Tyler Hamilton: dark days, Lance Armstrong, life after cycling

KTVQ Billings News
BILLINGS – When Lance Armstrong won seven Tour de France titles he wasn't anywhere near confessing to using performance-enhancing drugs. But after years of denial and attacking teammates, competitors and media, Armstrong stunned the world and ...

1999 Tour De France Winner Lance Armstrong News

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong mocks journalist David Walsh over character reference for Tom Humphries

Armstrong even sued Walsh and The Sunday Times for libel after it printed the article in 2004 that suggested Armstrong was doping. Walsh has been on the receiving end of criticism this week after he wrote a character reference for former Irish Times ...

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