Who Won the 1974
Tour De France

Eddy Merckx

116 hrs 16 min 58 sec

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1974 Tour De France Winner Eddy Merckx News

This Video Game Could Change How Kids Ride Bikes

(Give your kids a head start on loving bikes and books with our limited-edition edition Eddy Merckx Alphabet poster!) Using the team's video game to teach traffic safety can "provide exposure to the traffic environment without putting anybody in danger ...

1974 Tour De France Winner Eddy Merckx News

So Sagan's beatable

Business Mirror
Imagine if just a few of those had been victories. He really would be the Eddy Merckx of his time. Fortunately, Sagan is not just a cannibal. He clearly enjoys racing as much as winning. That is a refreshing attitude and endears him to fans around the ...

1974 Tour De France Winner Eddy Merckx News

Video: Eddy Merckx Cycles factory tour

VeloNews (blog)
In Belgium, Eddy Merckx is equal parts national icon, sporting champion, and superhero — that's the level of fame that comes from winning 525 pro races, the most in history. Across Europe, the Merckx name brand is synonymous with cycling and victory.

1974 Tour De France Winner Eddy Merckx News

The Belgian Bracket: First round

VeloNews (blog)
It's time for you, dear VeloNews readers, to help us pick the most Belgian thing/person ever for the Eddy Merckx trophy. (No, Eddy is not in the bracket — he'd just destroy everyone, like he always did.) Your votes decide which Belgian items advance ...

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