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I'm Not Rappaport

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1986 Tony Awards Best Play Winner I

Seth Rogen, 17 days ago: I hope North Korea won't screw up 'Interview' release

I'm no film critic, but I did laugh. Seth Rogen's character, Aaron Rappaport, is a producer for the smarmy newsman Dave Skylark (James Franco). “Skylark Tonight” is a highly-rated, highly-successful, celebrity gossip news magazine. But Rappaport feels ...

1986 Tony Awards Best Play Winner I

Game Rewind: Pacers 100, Clippers 102

NBA.com (blog)
Down one point with 15 seconds remaining, Rodney Stuckey got the defensive look he wanted. He backed down J.J. Redick all the way into the painted area, then tried a scintillating fade away jumper that bounced in and out of the rim, sealing the fate of ...

1986 Tony Awards Best Play Winner I

Eppler: The 10 best TV dramas of 2014

I watch a lot of TV these days, but I will reiterate a disclaimer: I am not a full-time critic, so I don't get the chance to keep up with everything. The 10 ... More epic storytelling that I'm happy to experience without reading George R. R. Martin's ...

1986 Tony Awards Best Play Winner I

The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it

The history of the wireless industry is littered with tales of fouled-up spectrum auction procedures, delays to network rollouts, mud-slinging between mobile companies, obligations not met and clean up procedures not followed. ... Asha Keddy, general ...

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