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February 5, 2012

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February 5, 2012 News

21 The Voice Winner February 5, 2012 News

Davis a voice of reason amid crazy talk
ESPN (blog)
Amid the white noise, Davis is the voice of reason. Fittingly, he spearheaded one of the best defensive practices in a long time. On the fifth play of team drills, he stepped in front of a wide-receiver screen, made the interception and returned it ...

21 The Voice Winner February 5, 2012 News

Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of US Jewry, on Gaza: "A Slaughter of Innocents"
Democracy Now
In the first of our two-part interview, Siegman discusses the assault on Gaza, the myths surrounding Israel's founding in 1948, and his own background as a German-Jewish refugee who fled Nazi occupation to later become a leading American Jewish voice ...

21 The Voice Winner February 5, 2012 News

FreedomPop brings free voice and data plans to tablets
“Aren't you forgetting that services like Skype and Google Voice can give you the ability to make and receive phone calls over a data connection?” True, true. But as good and handy as these services are, they each come with their own set of limitations ...

21 The Voice Winner February 5, 2012 News

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Brings Back Vin Diesel's Most Underrated Talent ...
The Wire
Just watch the above feature (ripped from the DVD) that shows just how much of the heavy lifting Diesel did in creating the gravel-throated voice of the robot, which booms with humanity. The Iron Giant is a beautifully-made film from start to finish ...

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