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May 20

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2014 The Voice Winner May 20 News

The Voice contestant Wade giving back to kids
Your Houston News
Born in Dublin, Texas, and now living in Fort Worth, Wade was the first contestant who aired at the start of this season's The Voice. His rendition of Hall & Oates' “Rich Girl” had every celebrity coach wanting him on their team. “It was a pretty wild ...

2014 The Voice Winner May 20 News

School board needs a 'voice of reason'
The Daily Advertiser
My campaign slogan, “Your Voice of Reason,” developed out of the idea from my Friday night name, the Voice of the Rams, which refers to my being the announcer for the Acadiana High School Wreckin' Rams football program. “Voice,” to me, is a key word in ...

2014 The Voice Winner May 20 News

Google voice search with third-party apps is about to get really cool
Google has announced today a new addition to Google voice search on Android that will make speaking to all the apps on your smartphone a lot easier. By implementing a small bit of code (really small, actually) into their apps, developers can allow ...

2014 The Voice Winner May 20 News

Health Dept. worker suspended for answering phone with robot voice
New York Post
A city Health Department worker was suspended without pay for answering the agency's help desk phone using a robot voice, city documents show. Computer specialist Ronald Dillon, 66, was slapped with a 20-day suspension for speaking in a “deliberately ...

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