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May 20

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2014 The Voice Winner May 20 News

Michelle Williams Talks Overcoming Depression on BET's 'Lift Every Voice:' 'If ...

Christian Post
Michelle Williams seems to be riding a wave of success with her Journey to Freedom album, earning numerous award nominations since its release last year and now the former Destiny's Child singer is revealing why she decided to be so transparent with ...

2014 The Voice Winner May 20 News

'Kiss Everybody': Voice Mails Live On After Parents Are Gone

The voice mail message was like so many others from my mom over the years. "Hi, it's mom," she began, then chatted on, full Jewish mom in her distinctive gravelly timbre. "There's a storm coming your way ... Please drive very carefully ... Love you. Bye.".

2014 The Voice Winner May 20 News

Computers Judge What Makes The Perfect Radio Voice

A few weeks ago, All Tech Considered asked the audience to send voice samples to analyze. Those samples were put through an algorithm to figure out what kind of voice would make an appealing radio host. NPR's Audie Cornish explains how this ...

2014 The Voice Winner May 20 News

'The Voice' Coach Christina Aguilera Says Show Needs More Female Power ...

Fashion & Style
(Photo : Facebook/"The Voice" Official Facebook Fan Page) Christina Aguilera says that "The Voice" needs more female power. Could the show improve ratings by adding another woman coach? "The Voice" coach Christina Aguilera says the show needs ...

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