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Javier Colon

2  Winner

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1 The Voice Winner Javier Colon News

Photo by Sam Hodgson
Voice of San Diego
Voice of San Diego is a member-based news organization. Raise your voice. Join our community. Donate Now. Hot now: Minimum WageBike PlansBarrio LoganPensions. Narratives Sections Log in/Sign Up · All Recent Posts · Follow Our Narratives · Barrio ...

1 The Voice Winner Javier Colon News

Valley Voice: Bold action is needed to end ISIS threat
The Desert Sun
Rather than following President Teddy Roosevelt's admonition to speak softly and carry a big stick, President Obama is giving the American people and the world a pathetic twist of a bold but cautious approach to world affairs. Sadly his strategy is to ...

1 The Voice Winner Javier Colon News

Do What I Tell You! Drivers Frustrated by Voice-Activated Gadgets
Call it a communications breakdown. If you've ever tried to use your car's voice recognition system to dial a phone number only to have it change the radio station to a disco channel, you're not alone. A new J.D. Power study reports that voice ...

1 The Voice Winner Javier Colon News

Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine Duet on Soaring, 'Voice'-Ready 'My Heart Is Open'
When Gwen Stefani joined the cast of The Voice we knew that would mean big things. Right? Well, Season 7 hasn't even started yet but we're already getting our first taste of what's to come. Specifically, it comes in the shape of Stefani's sexiest ...

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