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1 The Voice Winner Javier Colon News

Matt Harrington: The voice of Bennington speaks, again.

Bennington Banner (subscription)
I have boxes of dad's commentaries, but admittedly, I haven't read a whole lot about his day-to-day routine as the local "Voice of Bennington" or commentary on him. I often wonder what it would be like to grab coffee with dad as the article says, "at ...

1 The Voice Winner Javier Colon News

Deep Water selected poem: 'And the Voice Was The Sea' by Annie Finch

Press Herald
This week's poem captures a moment when the watcher and the watched—the person and the sea—become one. And the poem speaks to us in a rollicking, sculpted, rhyming voice that we might imagine the sea speaking with, if it used words. Annie Finch's ...

1 The Voice Winner Javier Colon News

The Moral Voice of Corporate America

New York Times
C.E.O.s are speaking out on social and political issues in sometimes startling ways, recasting the role business plays in the national debate.

1 The Voice Winner Javier Colon News

The voice of reason

Biddeford Journal Tribune
The 2006 climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," starring Al Gore, was the first movie ever based on a slideshow. "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power," now playing in theaters, is the first sequel to a movie based on a slideshow.

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