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6 Survivor Winner Jenna Morasca News

Portrait sketched for Holocaust survivor

It's a portrait he worked to create from the war-torn memories of a Holocaust survivor. “What really struck me, what really caught me, was when he said she always wore flapper dresses,” Ainsworth said, sitting beside 87-year-old Walter Plywaski. The ...

6 Survivor Winner Jenna Morasca News

Older cancer survivor population expected to jump over next 2 decades

KVOA Tucson News
A new study found that the number of older cancer survivors in the United States will increase significantly over the next two decades. A new study from the National Cancer Institute predicts nearly three-quarters of cancer survivors in the year 2040 ...

6 Survivor Winner Jenna Morasca News

Local testicular cancer survivor: Get screened early

SPOKANE, Wash --- A local businessman and testicular cancer survivor is giving advice to young men on what to do to prevent testicular. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men. The American Cancer Society estimates roughly 8,700 new ...

6 Survivor Winner Jenna Morasca News

Skin cancer survivor warns about summer sun

“In her case, it was a thin melanoma that hadn't been there very long, so the odds are heavily in her favor that she'll be a long term survivor,” Dr. Brodell said. After years of seeing moles turn to deadly cancers, Dr. Brodell has a few rules he lives ...

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