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Earl Cole

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14 Survivor Winner Earl Cole News

Utahn Sierra Dawn Thomas reflects on 'Survivor' experience

Deseret News
The 27-year-old barrel racer based in Roy was one of five remaining castaways going into the “Survivor” season finale last Wednesday. She was the first one of the five voted off and became part of the jury on day 37 of the 39-day game where the prize ...

14 Survivor Winner Earl Cole News

Plane crash survivor meets “life savers” for the first time

COVINGTON, Tenn. –An emotional reunion in Covington, Tennessee between first responders and a man who nearly died in a plane crash. Kent Wingate was the pilot of a single engine plane that went down in a heavily wooded area of Lauderdale County ...

14 Survivor Winner Earl Cole News

Greensboro natives compete again on TV show 'Survivor'

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Kelly Wiglesworth and Jeff Varner will return to “Survivor,” according to The Greensboro News & Record. Online voters chose the Greensboro natives among 20 former cast members on the CBS competitive reality series to return for its ...

14 Survivor Winner Earl Cole News

Rodney Lavoie Jr. Opens Up About Getting Fired From Survivor

Nine years and eighteen seasons ago, Survivor: Cook Islands ended with one of the most fiery Final Tribal Councils of any season. And then there was the penultimate Tribal Council — you know, the one where Becky Lee and Sundra Oakley went head to ...

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