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11 Survivor Winner Danni Boatwright News

San Marcos kidnapping, sexual assault survivor asks for help
SAN MARCOS, Texas -- After months of hoping DNA evidence would help track down the suspects, San Marcos police say results have come back inconclusive. Now, the survivor of a kidnapping and sexual assault is asking for the public's help to find her ...

11 Survivor Winner Danni Boatwright News

Teen cancer survivor turns to online donations for new teeth
Alex Hunter's insurance company paid to have his dead teeth removed after his cancer treatment, but it won't pay for new teeth, his family says. The 16-year-old is now turning to online donations to help pay for the dentures. As of Wednesday morning ...

11 Survivor Winner Danni Boatwright News

Heartwarming 'Batkid Begins' trailer relives cancer survivor's dream day
Now, 5-year-old Leukemia survivor Miles Scott, better known as “Batkid” may be headed to the big screen. The official trailer for his first movie, “Batkid Begins” debuted at Comic Con then was released on YouTube. It's a documentary about Miles' battle ...

11 Survivor Winner Danni Boatwright News

1976 flood survivor's life since a testament to courage and trust
It's July again and memories of the 1976 Big Thompson flood resurface as they do every year at this time. Back then, I was a therapist at the Larimer County Mental Health Clinic. The day after the flood, I was asked to help at the temporary morgue at ...

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