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1 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch News

So Kim: It's 'Crushing' To Be Voted Off Survivor First!

People Magazine
Okay, I realize that there are rules that you don't break in Survivor, which includes making aggressive moves at the beginning. But I thought, 'Joaquin is going to be the leader, and he's going to have an advantage when I shouldn't have an advantage.


1 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch News

TV Ratings: 'Survivor,' 'Amazing Race' premieres can't halt 'Empire' rise

While "American Idol" posted a very small drop against the latest "Survivor" premiere, "Empire" remained an unfathomable force-of-nature, rising yet again in both viewers and the key demo as FOX was up week-to-week in dominating Wednesday in all ...

1 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch News

'Survivor' season premiere recap, 'It's Survivor Warfare'

Baltimore Sun
Jenn Brown and the No Collar Tribe on the 30th season premiere of "Survivor." (CBS). By Beth Aaltonen For The Baltimore Sun. It's Blue Collar vs. White Collar vs. No Collar on the latest season of "Survivor." What happens when a "Survivor" contestant ...

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1 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch News

'Survivor 30' recap: The first blindside of the season

San Jose Mercury News
She knows they're looking for an idol, so she puts her executive skills into action and based just on knowing that "Survivor" producers always hide the idols in places that are sort of obvious, finds the tree where the idol is hidden. She's overjoyed ...

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