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1 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch News

Guardians appointed for plane crash survivor Sailor Gutzler; girl will stay ...

Belleville News Democrat
Sailor was the sole survivor of the Jan. 2 plane crash that killed her parents, Kim and Marty Gutzler. Sailor's sister, 9-year-old Piper, and their 14-year-old cousin, Sierra Wilder, also died. The Dlubalas petitioned in Washington County court for ...

1 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch News

Survivor's recourse: UK shows what happens when it gets pushed to the brink

Yahoo Sports
CLEVELAND – Mike Brey leaned against a wall outside the Notre Dame postgame locker room and tried to process it all. He looked exhausted. He looked emotional. He looked like he needed a nap, a beer or most preferably a couple of both. "We. Just. Felt.

1 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch News

Interview: Joaquin Souberbielle talks 'Survivor: Worlds Apart'

Power couples rarely work out well on "Survivor" and power couplings certainly didn't work out well for Joaquin Souberbielle on "Survivor: Worlds Apart." Joaquin started the season by volunteering for a leadership position on his White Collar tribe. He ...

1 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch News

Cancer survivor recovers with help of loved ones and faith

His chances of developing cancer were never a matter of “if,” he said. They were a matter of “when.” In 1988, he inevitably became one more survivor when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Searching for answers. Randy said was a pre-teen when he first ...

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