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Phil Simms

New York Giants

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1987 Super Bowl Mvp Winner Phil Simms News

Phil Simms thinks he knows what Eli Manning's problem is

New York Post
“You do not have to be a runner, but you have to be very mobile in the pocket,'' Phil Simms said on SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio. “I don't think Eli does that enough. I've said it many times, Peyton [Manning] actually moved a lot, Tom Brady moves in ...

1987 Super Bowl Mvp Winner Phil Simms News

Here's a look inside Phil Simms' new football world

The April announcement that Phil Simms was out and Tony Romo was in as CBS' lead NFL analyst sent plenty of shock waves through the broadcasting world, a frenzy of speculation about where the popular Simms would end up, how he felt about the ...

1987 Super Bowl Mvp Winner Phil Simms News

Simms: 'Get Over It, Siemian Is A Franchise Guy'

CBS Local
I don't think he gets the credit he deserves,” Simms said. “He hangs in there, takes big hits, he throws the ball on time, he throws it with anticipation and he throws a perfect spiral almost every single throw. “I wish everybody would get over the ...

1987 Super Bowl Mvp Winner Phil Simms News

Phil Simms to Eli Manning: If Brandon Marshall is covered, he's still open

Proper use of Brandon Marshall in the Giants' passing game will require Eli Manning to change his definition of a very simple word: Open. So says Phil Simms, the former Giants quarterback who had to adjust to a similar passing target during his playing ...

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