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2015 Samsung 500 Winner Mike Joy News

The real joy of Lena Dunham's Girls is the boys

Spokesmen such as Mike Cernovich, a prominent Trump supporter, posts blogs like: 'How to Cheat on your Girlfriend' and 'Misogyny Gets You Laid', while alt-right outlets such as Breitbart News have published numerous articles about her. One, by Milo ...

2015 Samsung 500 Winner Mike Joy News

The purest joy in sports

Home Town Media Group
Outside of watching your own team win (my Villanova squad was similarly eliminated in the second round on Saturday), seeing the teams you despise—especially when your friends root for them—can provide some of the purest joy in the sports world. I don ...

2015 Samsung 500 Winner Mike Joy News

Learn rattlesnake hunting from Mike Gundy

ESPN (blog)
Gundy, proud of his expertise, is ready to spread the joy of huntin' rattlers. "John Smith, our wrestling coach, his farm is right by mine," Gundy said. "He's got some pretty good walks over there. I figure I can teach him. That will give John and I ...

2015 Samsung 500 Winner Mike Joy News

Waikato University looks to cut 17 jobs in the humanities

Waikato Times
An announcement of the proposal was made during a lunchtime concert at the University of Waikato this week. Concern came from a surprising quarter: Massey University science and ecology lecturer Dr Mike Joy. "I teach environmental science and my best ...

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