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Big Brown (Jockey: Kent Desormeaux)


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2008 Preakness Winner Big Brown News

Clouds on 'Failed Stars' Resemble Those on Neptune

Scientists have also detected numerous so-called brown dwarfs, objects that are about 13 to 90 times the mass of Jupiter — too big to be planets, but not quite big enough to be true stars. Researchers sometimes call brown dwarfs "failed stars ...

2008 Preakness Winner Big Brown News

Llama on the lam saves family of ducks from scary bear

I don't have a lot of widespread llama experience, but Noir, with those big brown eyes, sure seems fond of me. He kept rubbing up on me, and kind of made a purring sound." Sounds like if his policemen friends were confronted with a bear, there'd be no ...

2008 Preakness Winner Big Brown News

Tigers expecting big things from slimmer Brown

All spring and summer, if you wanted to find Kelijiha Brown, he'd be the one lugging around a gallon of water. It was a ritual for Brown, who downed a gallon of water every day, hoping to get in shape before the season.

2008 Preakness Winner Big Brown News

Thrill's Big Brown Blog Bows to General Ow

WAAF.com (blog)
I forgot to do the blog today. Yeah, got sidetracked with, well, the show!!! It happens every-so-often. I know what you're thinking; "YOU were distracted BY the show?!? We couldn't tell because you sucked as bad today as any other day!" I know this. I ...

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