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1999 Preakness Winner Charismatic News

2PM's Chansung Shows His Charismatic Side As A Warrior In “Queen For 7 Days”

2PM's Chansung is building a solid acting career with his impressive portrayal of stern warrior Seo No in KBS 2TV's “Queen For 7 Days.” In the seventh episode of “Queen For 7 Days,” Seo No shows disappointment in his best friend Lee Yeok (Yeon Woo Jin ...

1999 Preakness Winner Charismatic News

Mind healing: the secrets to being charismatic

In our highly connected, fast-changing world, we're all on the lookout for charismatic leadership. What qualities does someone need for us to consider them to be charismatic? Charisma, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is 'compelling ...

1999 Preakness Winner Charismatic News

Brian Cant obituary: Charismatic Sixties children's TV presenter

The Independent
Brian Cant was the voice and face of children's television for young people growing up in the Sixties and Seventies, presenting the programmes Play School and Play Away and as the narrator and voice of the characters in the animated shows Trumpton, ...

1999 Preakness Winner Charismatic News

Lifestyle: 5 habits of charismatic people

People typically like those they perceive to be genuine and humble, and charismatic people have that going for them. They are perceived to be genuine and most of them actually are. A charismatic person's genuineness coupled with a kind personality will ...

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