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1974 Preakness Winner Little Current News

Is It Too Late to Go Back to the Twitter That Might Have Been?

Some Long-time Twitter watchers and even a few former Twitter insiders believe that a big part of Twitter's current problems stem from choosing to mimic Facebook's ad-supported, most-eyeballs-possible business model, when Twitter was never really ...

1974 Preakness Winner Little Current News

The dirty little secret behind why players are signing these early deals

Unless you are setting some new standard of pay for your particular position group or your current team is giving you such a premium in its compensation that offsets the ability to actually discern what the free-market will bear when the league year ...

1974 Preakness Winner Little Current News

One tweet that shows how the Zika virus caught scientists flat-footed

Figuring this stuff out is crucial for halting the current outbreak. See Julia Belluz's great piece on this for more. A related question is why Zika has spread with such alarming speed throughout South and Central America. Is it just because the ...

1974 Preakness Winner Little Current News

The next recession could be around the corner, and the Fed isn't ready for it

Unfortunately, there's little sign that the Fed is laying the groundwork for a shift in strategy. Instead, Yellen .... So even if the Fed adopted negative rates, it wouldn't improve the effectiveness of the current interest rate targeting regime very ...

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