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Kauai King (Jockey: Don Brumfeld)

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1966 Preakness Winner Kauai King News

Hawaiian men claim title to Coco Palms land

The Wailua man, who claims to be a seventh-generation descendant of King Kaumualii, and a group of about 25 of his formerly homeless family members, continue to live on Coco Palms property. Two things need to be proven Wednesday, Mau-Espirito said: ...

1966 Preakness Winner Kauai King News

New wave of June 'king tides' rolls into the islands

A new wave of king tides has rolled into the islands this week as officials and businesses are bracing for their potential impact. Coastal flooding associated with king tides will become a possibility each day going into the upcoming weekend ...

1966 Preakness Winner Kauai King News

King's Parade not dampened by rains

Kauai honored its ocean voyagers and the great alii of Hawaii, including King Kamehameha the Great, who is credited with uniting the Islands, and Kings Kaumuali'i and Manokalanipo of Kauai, whose leadership allowed for peace and prosperity. Mauna Kea ...

1966 Preakness Winner Kauai King News

Reluctant grand marshal

“We represented Kauai and we went to Oahu to meet the king and queen over there also. All the other islands merged there on Oahu.” Nowadays, Contrades prefers sitting on the tram with the kupuna: talking, singing and waving behind the scenes. He's also ...

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