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Fabius (Jockey: Bill Hartack)

1:58 2/5

1955 Preakness Winner
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1956 Preakness Winner Fabius News

Football Game Recap: Southern Hills [Tully/LaFayette/Fabius Pompey] vs. General Brown

The score was tied up 20 - 20 at halftime, but Southern Hills [Tully/LaFayette/Fabius Pompey] was the less effective team in the second half. Southern Hills [Tully/LaFayette/Fabius Pompey] dropped down to.500 with a 4-4 record. General Brown kept its ...

1956 Preakness Winner Fabius News

Is the “The US Military Pampered, Safe And Very Scared”?

Fabius Maximus website (blog)
Summary: Here is another look at the worldview of the high-energy political extremes that dominate the political stage, dividing us with their lies. These “useful idiots” are allies of the 1% (by effect, not intent). So long as we listen to we will ...

1956 Preakness Winner Fabius News

Reluctant recognition that sexbots are coming

Fabius Maximus website (blog)
Summary: Slowly, reluctantly the media — educated, prosperous, liberal — begin to grapple with the coming sexbot revolution. Perhaps this recognition is sparked by the holobot seen in Blade Runner 2048 –non-corporal, and so non-threatening (and hence ...

1956 Preakness Winner Fabius News

Dickinson and the Fabius letters

Washington Post
Unlike “The Federalist” or the “Aristides” essays of Alexander Contee Hanson, “Fabius” made no attempt to provide a comprehensive overview of the Constitution. The letters focused primarily on answering the Antifederalist contention that the ...

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