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1947 Preakness Winner Faultless News

Handel's early 'Aci' gets an intimate rendition

Completing the cast was the commanding bass-baritone Ben Brady, who brought robust life to the giant's villainy without neglecting to also give his love the requisite touch of pathos. His cavernous, faultless low notes were set in marvelous relief at ...

1947 Preakness Winner Faultless News

Rankin faultless on way to victory

PGA of Australia
Brett Rankin started the day three shots behind the overnight leader Steven Jeffress and stormed home with a 6-under par 66 to clinch victory by two shots in the ...

1947 Preakness Winner Faultless News

Rob Broadfield review: Clarke's of North Beach is old school with a faultless beef dish

The West Australian
It is faultless. Clarke is old school. His is an auteur restaurant run on a proper small brigade model. There are no black T-shirts, Moses beards or distressed butchers' aprons in his kitchen. It's full of well groomed chefs in crisp whites learning ...

1947 Preakness Winner Faultless News

Various Artists: Zaire 74: The African Artists — 'faultless recording'

Financial Times
The faultless recording includes soukous and rumba stars Tabu Ley Rocherau and Franco on top form, plus local heroes Abuma Maskini and Abeti. There is also Makeba's whole set and, in the background, thousands of Zaireans chanting “Ali, boma yé”.

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