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1944 Preakness Winner Pensive News

Image Comics Exclusive: The Realm Trailer Introduces a Pensive Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy from Jeremy Haun & Seth ...

Paste Magazine
The lion's share of post-apocalyptic fiction finds menace in the pragmatic: staving off hunger, finding shelter and fending off cannibals are daily activities after society's catastrophic collapse. But in their new comic The Realm, writer Seth Peck and ...

1944 Preakness Winner Pensive News

Cornelius returns with the pensive "Mellow Waves"

Indiana Daily Student
When the Japanese electronic artist Keigo Oyamada released his third record “Fantasma” on Matador Records in 1997, it sounded unlike anything else in stateside record stores. Its psychedelic pop recalled the modular songwriting and instrumental variety ...

1944 Preakness Winner Pensive News

Review: The Dears Explore Uncertain Times on the Pensive, Melodic Times Infinity Volume Two

Volume Two mimics the more uncertain times we find ourselves in, expressing its anxieties through pensive harmonies and mystifying melodic lines in minor keys. More often than not, songs begin darkly. “Don't mind the apocalypse,” Lightburn and Natalia ...

1944 Preakness Winner Pensive News

Where To Next: Also #FeedGoals-Friendly, Pensive Kyushu Offers More Beyond 'Industrial Japan'

Before last month, I would have to be one of the few against the many jet-setting, err, millennials who haven't visited Japan. I had three planned Japan trips last year only to see none of them take flight. Two were with friends, and one for work. I ...

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