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1944 Preakness Winner Pensive News

Toad the Wet Sprocket's Glen Phillips Premieres Moody 'Go' Video: Exclusive

"I had the idea of doing something that was just impressionistic on this one," explains Phillips, who's seen walking along the shore amidst seagulls, looking pensive and a bit melancholy as he sings. "I wanted to convey the mood more than anything else.

1944 Preakness Winner Pensive News

The New York Philharmonic's New Music Director Thrills to Exhaustion

Zweden treated more pensive passages as if they were pauses between sets, rather than experiences with their own more muffled intensity. The strings played the ravishing dirge of the first movement like a great choral exhalation, but as Zweden nudged ...

1944 Preakness Winner Pensive News

Lee Ranaldo – Electric Trim

Everyone feels lonely at some point. Often it's born of sadness, but not always; sometimes people just need to be pensive, other times they feel the need to distance themselves from the people they've been around. Lee Ranaldo's Electric Trim is an ...

1944 Preakness Winner Pensive News

'It's very serious': Australia's farmers pensive after a long, dry winter

Cootamundra Herald
For the next two weeks, Phillip Alcorn​ will have his eyes glued to the sky, and the weather forecast. If there is no rain in the next two weeks, the Harden farmer's canola crop will be a write-off. "It's very serious," says Mr Alcorn, who has been ...

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