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Count Fleet (Jockey: Johnny Longden)

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1942 Preakness Winner
1944  Winner

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1943 Preakness Winner Count Fleet News

After the referendum, local media needs its own devo max
The Guardian
Of course, the MPs that Scotland sent to Westminster seemed to be doing less and count for less – just like a residual secretary of state. Distance lent nil enchantment, especially through an economic deep freeze. ... Long, long ago Manchester was a ...

1943 Preakness Winner Count Fleet News

Italy's Neos to lease an Arke Fly B767 this winter
Neos (NO, Milan Malpensa) will wet-lease a B767-300 from Dutch carrier, Arke Fly (OR, Amsterdam), covering the Italian airline's December 2014 to April 2015 operations. According to the ItaliaVola blog, Neos intends to open up a weekly Milan Malpensa ...

1943 Preakness Winner Count Fleet News

AutoZone Nears a Speed Bump
Wall Street Journal
Since starting buybacks in 1998, it has bought about $15 billion worth, reducing its diluted share count by nearly four-fifths. Now its ... They include a big rise in the age of the U.S. vehicle fleet during the recession and, more recently, a harsh ...

1943 Preakness Winner Count Fleet News

Astro-Knight Princess- Chapter One
The interference from all of the gas and dust offered some protection from the hub' sensors, but Shaya wasn't going to count on it. "Contact established," came Zeta's mechanical reply. "Launching their fleet; reorienting their cannons to target ...

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