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1938 Preakness Winner Dauber News

Recall election of Brock Turner judge postponed

Mountain View Voice
Michele Dauber, chair of the Recall Persky campaign, speaks during a Sept. 2, 2016, rally in San Jose following the release of Brock Turner, who Persky sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on Stanford's campus.

1938 Preakness Winner Dauber News

Delta reaffirms commitment to Monroe Energy refinery

The Delaware County Daily Times
“It's worrisome to us because we just went through all that crap a few years ago,” Jonas Dauber, president of the USW Local 10-234, said. “Nobody wants to go through that again.” He said many of his 205 members had hoped after Delta Air Lines purchased ...

1938 Preakness Winner Dauber News

For back misery try honey and a dirt dauber's nest

Times Record News
Irish statesman Edmund Burke said that superstition is the religion of a feeble mind. Groucho Marx had a different take. He once said that if a black cat crosses your path it means it's going somewhere. Although I've grown out of most superstitious ...

1938 Preakness Winner Dauber News

Three professors urge Stanford to reinstate dismissed attorney

Northern California Record
Michele Landis Dauber, a law and sociology professor, is one of the three who has spoken out against Riggins' dismissal. “It is not very constructive to silence a critic instead of learning from her concerns,” Dauber told the Northern California Record ...

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