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1926 Preakness Winner
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1927 Preakness Winner Bostonian News

Freeman's to Offer Rare, Early Atlas Held Privately Since 1880

Fine Books & Collections Magazine
The maps were intended to be a set of working charts and consequently, rarely survived their use at sea, making this compilation exceedingly rare. Dedicated to the renowned Bostonian John Hancock, this volume is especially interesting because each ...

1927 Preakness Winner Bostonian News

My Instagram: William Mann

The Boston Globe
While the 43-year-old Mann's day job is as a Canton carpenter, he has a side gig shooting everything from weddings to portraits, and his work has been featured in several publications, including The Improper Bostonian. Q. How did you get started taking ...

1927 Preakness Winner Bostonian News

REVIEW: 'Stronger'

Bay News 9
“Stronger” starts by showing audiences who Jeff Bauman was before April 15, 2013: a good-hearted, likeable 27-year-old working-class Bostonian, working at Costco and living with his mom, Patty (Miranda Richardson). Part of Jeff's charm, however, is ...

1927 Preakness Winner Bostonian News

A Bostonian's Take on Jake Gyllenhaal's Boston Bombing Survivor Story, 'Stronger'

We were told as much by the media as by fellow Bostonians. That was the catchphrase, the invocation we all used to connect to each other's pain, and the slogan that corporate opportunists used to move merchandise. It's not that there isn't, or wasn't ...

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