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1918 Preakness Winner War Cloud News

Critics Say US Is 'Sleepwalking' Into Wider Role in Syria

New York Times
WASHINGTON — To hear the Pentagon tell it, the United States still has no intention of getting involved in Syria's six-year civil war; the American presence there is solely to help its allies defeat the Islamic State. But a recent spate of incidents ...

1918 Preakness Winner War Cloud News

IT'S WAR: Walmart is telling vendors to stop using Amazon's cloud

Business Insider
Walmart has issued a warning to tech companies it does business with: don't use Amazon's cloud services. Amazon has quickly emerged as the dominant player in cloud-based storage and computing power with its Amazon Web Services program.

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1918 Preakness Winner War Cloud News

Strike Up the Band! (Where Are the Crowds?)

New York Times
“These children of Monastir [Bitola, Macedonia], who have been growing up during the two Balkan wars and now the European war, are far more accustomed to an atmosphere of armed conflict than of peace. They are fetching water for the soldiers, from ...

1918 Preakness Winner War Cloud News

Why one shopkeeper returned to his war-ravaged Syrian hometown ...

Los Angeles Times
He has returned to war-ravaged Palmyra, re-opened his shop and vows that Islamic State militants will never return. He runs Palmyra's only store.

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