Who Won the 1916

Damrosch (Jockey: Linus McAtee)

1:54 4/5

1915 Preakness Winner
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1916 Preakness Winner Damrosch News

St. Louis planted in middle of best best cities for vegans, vegetarians

Cherry tomatoes ripen sequentially on the stem. Newer varieties that ripen all at once sacrifice flavor for the grower's convenience. (Barbara Damrosch). Barbara Damrosch. Vegetarians in St. Louis could do better when it comes living in a city that ...

1916 Preakness Winner Damrosch News

The Romantics and The Modern

The Archway
In the sonnet, she is speaking directly to the moon. “Forget in thee, their cup of sorrow here. Oh! that I soon may reach thy world serene…” (Damrosch 86). She feels peace and calmness in “being” with the moon. In today's society, some people feel ...

1916 Preakness Winner Damrosch News

Is Art Working For Everyone In The City That Works?

KUOW News and Information
A search committee has spent the last eight months laying the groundwork to replace Portland's top arts administrator, Eloise Damrosch, who retired in June. The conversation about her replacement has been heavily seasoned with calls for change.

1916 Preakness Winner Damrosch News

Committee Seeks Equity, Relevance In Hiring Portland's Next Arts Chief

OPB News
April Baer: How would you characterize the state of RACC after Eloise Damrosch's departure? Mike Golub: RACC is a formidable organization. It's really, in many ways, become what the city envisioned. Work for Art (RACC's workplace giving program] has ...

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