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Royal Tourist (Jockey: E Dugan)

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1908 Preakness Winner Royal Tourist News

From Private Alpine Kingdom to Royal British Castles

Kasmir Monitor
Its publication credit goes to the Annual Tourist Number of the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Journal in September 1960. The seeds were sent by Ram Chand Bali at the expressed instructions of Sir Aruel ... Although the sun of the British Empire has since ...

1908 Preakness Winner Royal Tourist News

Britain's Boris Johnson jokes about New Zealand greeting

ABC News
Johnson thanked townsfolk for looking after tourists, including 200 Britons, who were stranded in the town after the quake and for teaching him a Maori greeting called a hongi, in which people press noses together. "I think it's a beautiful form of ...

1908 Preakness Winner Royal Tourist News

Westminster Abbey And Civic Life: An Interview With Claire Foster-Gilbert

As director of the Westminster Abbey Institute, Claire Foster-Gilbert's work ensures that the 1,000-year-old Gothic church serves as more than a place of worship and much more than a stop on a tourist's itinerary in London. ... Committee, the 10 ...

1908 Preakness Winner Royal Tourist News

Bill Jamieson: Record year makes strongest case yet for taxing tourists

The Scotsman
We pride ourselves on ensuring that our main educational, civic and cultural attractions remain free: the National Museum of Scotland, Scottish National Gallery, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the Royal ...

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