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The Parader (Jockey: F Landry)

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1901 Preakness Winner The Parader News

State champion parader and stud judge announced | Queensland ...

Queensland Country Life
See who won the state paraders and stud young judges competitions.

1901 Preakness Winner The Parader News

Wattle Grove reign supreme

Queensland Country Life
Wattle Grove owner Dale Humprhies, grand champion exhibit Wattle Grove 8R Traffic Jam M15, parader Emily Smith, Greg Ebbeck Six Star Speckle Park, and judge Renee Rutherford. Breed: Speckle Park. Judge: Renee Rutherford, Mornish. No. of exhibits: ...

1901 Preakness Winner The Parader News

GEOFF TATE On Meeting TODD LA TORRE: 'We Did A Selfie Together. Does That Mean We're Dating?'

On July 19, ex-QUEENSRĊ¸CHE singer Geoff Tate spoke to the Hit Parader fan page about his recent chance encounter with his former bandmates at a festival in Spain. Tate said (see video below): "We had a massive falling out in 2012, which led me to leave ...

1901 Preakness Winner The Parader News

Inverell teen wins Ekka Led Steer School Paraders competition

Queensland Country Life
HE might not have thousands of acres or even one beast to his name but for Inverell high school student Beau White his town upbringing meant nothing when he was announced the Champion Parader in the Led Steer School Paraders' Competition.

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