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Hindus (Jockey: H Spencer)

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1899 Preakness Winner
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1900 Preakness Winner Hindus News

'How can Lingayat-Veerashaiva be different from Hindus when they worship Shiva?'

The Hindu
The seer said that when people of both these traditions were worshipping Shiva as their chief deity, doing Shiva Panchakshari Japa and offering prayers to the Shiva Linga, how could they be different or separate from the Hindu religion? The followers ...

1900 Preakness Winner Hindus News

Hindus Praying at Bali Volcano About to Erupt

World Religion News
Hindus in Bali have conducted multiple ceremonies at Mount Agung. They hope that the ceremonies will prevent the volcano to erupt. Muslims in the immediate region have joined in. Adherents of both religions are united in prayer to spare the island from ...

1900 Preakness Winner Hindus News

How did Hindus become Hindu and why Hindutva is not Hinduism

DailyO (blog)
So Hindu originally had a geographical connotation - from the Persian perspective - to denote "the land beyond the Sindhu"; the term wasn't coined to denote any religious meaning. The suffix "stan" - indicative of a geographical place - was added to ...

1900 Preakness Winner Hindus News

Kerala Hindus No Longer Shy Of Their Identity, Will Turn To BJP

Those who say that Kerala is too well-educated to harbour religiosity as a driver of politics need only to look at the political formations of non-Hindu groups to ...

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