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Hindus (Jockey: H Spencer)

1:48 2/5

1899 Preakness Winner
1901  Winner

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1900 Preakness Winner Hindus News

CNN's Believer: Does Reza Aslan really know what Hindus believe?

It is the ultimate dog-whistle against immigrant Hindus in America. At a time when Indians are being shot dead in the US in suspected racist attacks, when rules for H1-B visas – which are used extensively by Indians – are being re-examined, and when ...


1900 Preakness Winner Hindus News

Pakistan passes law recognising Hindu minority marriage

BBC News
Pakistan has passed a bill which formally recognises Hindu marriages in law for the first time. The bill enshrines the conditions for a valid marriage, and provides for official documentation that can be used to verify marital status. The Muslim ...


1900 Preakness Winner Hindus News

Hindus take offence over calypso

Trinidad Guardian
Hindus in this country have been the target of the calypso dagger thrust at the Hindu collective heart for decades. Every Hindu political leader has been viciously assaulted over the decades when in power. Simultaneously, Mr Sat Maharaj has been ...

1900 Preakness Winner Hindus News

World Sindhi Congress Calls For End To 'Genocide' Of Sindhi Hindus At UN Conference

At the conference hosted by the World Sindhi Congress (WSC) at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on 6 March, participants had strong words to say about the treatment of Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan. Rubina Greenwood, Chair of the WSC, ...

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