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1889 Preakness Winner Buddhist News

Bad karma for the Buddhists who released hundreds of lobsters into the Channel

When John Lennon sang 'Instant karma's gonna get you', what he can't have had in mind is the sight of buddhists releasing hundreds of lobsters into the Channel to save them from the pot. In this case it was bad karma that got them in the end. Two ...


1889 Preakness Winner Buddhist News

The monk hunk: Photographs of buff Buddhist go viral in Thailand as holy man makes appeal for healthier alms

Daily Mail
Pictures of a monk hunk so muscular he's bursting out of his robes have gone viral in Thailand. The identity of the buff Buddhist, who was photographed in the humble orange attire of the Southeast Asian country's monastic order, is not known. But while ...

1889 Preakness Winner Buddhist News

Why Buddhism is True

Lion's Roar
Melvin McLeod: Your new book, Why Buddhism Is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment, is getting more mainstream attention than any other Buddhist-oriented book I can think of. Were you consciously trying to reach people ...

1889 Preakness Winner Buddhist News

Buddhist Summit Web launched

Daily Mirror
The official website and the android application of the seventh Buddhist Summit which will be held in Colombo was launched this morning under the patronage of Buddhasasana Minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera, Deputy Speaker and Chairman of ...

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