Who Won the 1884

Knight of Ellerslie (Jockey: S Fischer)

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1883 Preakness Winner
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1884 Preakness Winner Knight of Ellerslie News

Stung by their own silliness

Iguacia and 27-year-old cousin Pitar Fernandez bought a car on a whim at Auckland's Ellerslie Car Fair last weekend. It was a lemon, a 1996 Nissan station wagon for $2500, which blew up in the big dip at Te Puna ... But the cousins have at least found ...

1884 Preakness Winner Knight of Ellerslie News

'It's a massive jigsaw puzzle'

Work is underway for the highly anticipated pop-up Globe Theatre in the Auckland suburb of Ellerslie. Director Miles Gregory says teams arrived early this morning to begin piecing together the three-storey theatre, which is expected to host over 100 ...

1884 Preakness Winner Knight of Ellerslie News

Former Newcastle Knight Alex McKinnon has every right to sue

Waikato Times
The former Newcastle Knights player Alex McKinnon, who has been left in a wheelchair potentially for life because of an illegal tackle on him in 2014 – in a match against the Storm – has reportedly launched legal proceedings against the NRL and the ...

1884 Preakness Winner Knight of Ellerslie News

Jason Kenney fined over breach of campaign rules

Kenney's campaign team will pay $5,000 for failing to keep away from an area last Wednesday where leadership delegates were being picked in the constituency of Edmonton-Ellerslie. The party's chief returning officer, Rob Dunseith, said Kenney ...

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