Who Won the 1881

Saunterer (Jockey: T Costello)

2:40 1/2

1880 Preakness Winner
1882  Winner

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1881 Preakness Winner Saunterer News

Way We Were: The tale of Sauntering Ned and his devil donkey

Stoke Sentinel
The 'resurrection men' were already nervous as they went about their ghoulish work in the darkness of the church graveyard. But they were spooked by the infernal sound of metal chains being dragged along the cobbled church pathway; and when the hellish ...

1881 Preakness Winner Saunterer News

Thoreau the Weird: A New Interpretation of His Philosophy

New York Times
The bearded saunterer's enduring popularity has turned on a paring-down of his spiritual eccentricities in order to fit an increasingly reductionist conception of the natural world. Modernity's vision of nature is narrow and devoid of magic, which in ...

1881 Preakness Winner Saunterer News

A little flight reading: Away with Words; Walking in Berlin

The Australian
Its subtitle is “A flaneur in the capital” and if you've ever fancied yourself as one of those (a “stroller” or “saunterer”), author Franz Hessel's adventures are a treat. The foreword sets the scene: “Whether speeding down Kurfurstendamm (with a lady ...

1881 Preakness Winner Saunterer News

What's your walking personality?

Times of India
It's time to change the adage from 'what you wear says a lot about you' to 'how you walk says a lot about you'. That's right. Researchers from the UK have found that people make judgments about an individual's personality based on his walk. Remember ...

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