Who Won the 1881

Saunterer (Jockey: T Costello)

2:40 1/2

1880 Preakness Winner
1882  Winner

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1881 Preakness Winner Saunterer News

On World Sauntering Day, Take a Walk

Any dog accompanying you has to be big enough to allow a saunterer to go at a comfortable pace, but small enough that it can be carried by any member of a sauntering party. “It's being pointless on purpose,” he said. Defined by Merriam-Webster, the ...

1881 Preakness Winner Saunterer News

Χρήστος Πελτέκης

Για όσους έχουν διαβάσει κάποιο από τα βιβλία μου, το μόνο που έχω να πωείναι ότι η «Συγκομιδή» θα μπορούσε να περιγραφεί περίπου ως “saunterer unplugged”. Για τους υπόλοιπους, αυτούς που ίσως πλησιάσουν για πρώτη φορά, λέω ν' αφήσω μόνο τον ...

1881 Preakness Winner Saunterer News

2017 Belmont Stakes: Winners from 1867 through 2017

Asbury Park Press
1886 — Inspector B. 1885 — Tyrant. 1884 — Panique. 1883 — George Kinney. 1882 — Forester. 1881 — Saunterer. 1880 — Grenada. 1879 — Spendthrift. 1878 — Duke of Magenta. 1877 — Cloverbrook. 1876 — Algerine. 1875 — Calvin. 1874 — Saxon.

1881 Preakness Winner Saunterer News

Anne de Courcy's 'Husband Hunters' is a tale of strong women getting what they want

The Australian Financial Review
"I could not help thinking, as I looked on the unwonted throng, of how Thackeray's remark 'Tommy loves a lord' applied even more closely to Americans than to his own countrymen," wrote The Saunterer when the Duke of Marlborough arrived to stay with ...

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