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2000 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Struggle To Prevent Marriage From Crumbling: Concern For Her Weight Loss Grows?

The Inquisitr
Magazine claimed that Brad and Ben were delighted to spend time drinking and hanging out, also alleging that Angelina views Affleck as a bad influence and plans to keep Pitt close to her to avoid having her husband take on the role of “wing man” to ...

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2000 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Exclusive: Mireille Enos confirms return to Brad Pitt's World War Z sequel

Digital Spy
​Mireille Enos has confirmed that she will be reprising her role as Karin Lane in Brad Pitt's forthcoming World War Z sequel. The actress played the wife of Pitt's Gerry Lane - a former UN investigator who attempts to wipe out a zombie pandemic - in ...

2000 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Here's why a new species of wasp was named after Brad Pitt

Hindustan Times
A new species of wasp has been named after Brad Pitt. An international research team discovered two new endoparasitic wasp species in South Africa and India and significantly expanded their genera's distributional range. While thinking of a name for ...

2000 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

This Week In Tabloids: Brad Pitt Might Be Fucking Marion Cotillard and Angie Might Have a Breakdown

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we sift through the tales of our favorite (and least favorite) celebrities' rumored despair in the hopes that we'll feel better about our lives. Like, oh, I've been pretty stressed lately and my face is breaking out ...

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