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2000 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Virgin Galactic Spaceship Explodes Mid-Flight: Pilot Dies
Celebrity Dirty Laundry
In some tragic news, we've just learned that a Virgin Galactic spaceship exploded midway through a test flight. One crew member died, the pilot, another was left severely injured. The spacecraft launched around 9:15 and the company states that the ...

2000 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Donald MacInnes: Think-tank makes me want to watch Brad Pitt blow something ...
The Independent
This is, of course, purely down to my anticipation of the new Brad Pitt movie, Fury. Not that Pitt the elder makes me particularly question my marriage vows or anything, but I do love a war movie. And one about a US tank crew blowing stuff up during ...

2000 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Film Review: Brad Pitt takes on Nazis again in war drama Fury
Business Standard
Brad Pitt is here this fall to show us that he's back in the Nazi killin' business, and business is still boomin'. Fury, directed by David Ayer, is set inside the titular tank for 24 hours of a single day in April 1945, when the Allies are deep inside ...

2000 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Fury review: Brad Pitt, Shia LeBouf deliver a visceral thriller on war and ...
Starring Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena and the weirdest person on the planet Shia Le Beouf, Fury is a visceral thriller with well-written characters – a rarity in Hollywood. Pitt plays Wardaddy, the commander of a US tank ploughing through the ...

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