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1997 People Sexiest Man Winner George Clooney News

Local filmmaker to screen 'Being George Clooney' at the Campball Theater Dec. 3

Martinez News-Gazette
“Being George Clooney” cost approximately $500,000 to produce, and the final funding push that ultimately allowed the movie to be made was crowdfunded through Kickstarter. A longtime Martinez resident, Mariano did much of his fund raising here, and he ...

1997 People Sexiest Man Winner George Clooney News

5 Things You Didn't Know About the 'Ocean's Eleven' Movies

The 2001 Ocean's Eleven remake captures the Rat Pack spirit of the 1960 original, but with modern stars George Clooney and Brad Pitt gallivanting up and down the Las Vegas Strip. The casino heist adventure was such a hit that director Steven Soderbergh ...

1997 People Sexiest Man Winner George Clooney News

The gross methods actors used to gain weight

Would you rather see a photo of Ryan Gosling fat or this one? Yeah, thought so.Source:Supplied. GEORGE CLOONEY. The silver fox had to gain 13kg in a month to play Robert Barnes in Syriana and Clooney said packing on so much weight so quickly is “not ...

1997 People Sexiest Man Winner George Clooney News

Elizabeth Hurley Wants George Clooney to Be Her King! Plus, More Revelations From The Royals Rapid-Fire Game

E! Online
Elizabeth Hurley and her Royals castmates William Moseley and Alexandra Park are coughing up confessions in this exclusive rapid-fire game all about England and the monarchy ahead their hit show's upcoming season premiere. The costars weigh in on ...

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