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1995 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise 1288976all adore Peaky Blinders

Daily Mail
If it hasn't quite managed to make Brummie accents sexy, it has certainly put the city on the tourist map, while the show's celebrity fans include Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts. Peaky Blinders evenings are now all the rage in nightclubs, and ...

1995 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Mireille Enos Confirms Role As Brad Pitt's Onscreen Wife In 'World War Z 2'

The Inquisitr
While everyone waits impatiently for Brad Pitt's upcoming World War Z 2, news is starting to creep in. One piece of good news is that actress Mireille Enos will be reprising her role as Karin Lane, wife to Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane in the follow up to ...

1995 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Newly-Discovered Species of Parasitic Wasp Named after Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt's flying namesake is a tiny wasp measuring less than 2 mm. Its body is deep brown, nearly black in color, while its head, antennae and legs are brown-yellow. The wings stand out with their much brighter shades. Interestingly, Conobregma ...

1995 People Sexiest Man Winner Brad Pitt News

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Struggle To Prevent Marriage From Crumbling: Concern For Her Weight Loss Grows?

The Inquisitr
Magazine claimed that Brad and Ben were delighted to spend time drinking and hanging out, also alleging that Angelina views Affleck as a bad influence and plans to keep Pitt close to her to avoid having her husband take on the role of “wing man” to ...

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