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1993 People Sexiest Man Winner Richard Gere News

Top 5 shocking Oscar snubs that could happen Tuesday morning

Just ask Richard Gere, who won the Globe for “Chicago” (2002) but ended up being the only actor from that movie to be omitted by the Academy. Or Ewan McGregor for “Moulin Rouge” (2001). And don't even get started on poor Fred Astaire, whose lone ...

1993 People Sexiest Man Winner Richard Gere News

You Can Live in Richard Gere's Former Loft

Way back in 1998, Richard Gere purchased an apartment in the Noho building, under the Kensho Trust. He owned the place until 2011, when he sold it for $2.6 million to an entity known as 14 East 4th Street Unit 509 LLC. We're not entirely clear on who ...

1993 People Sexiest Man Winner Richard Gere News

Guest Post: A Look Back at The Mothman Prophecies by Tom Deady

Dread Central
Fifteen years ago this month, The Mothman Prophecies hit the theaters. Based on a 1975 book by John A. Keel, it is the story of strange events that took place in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in the late 1960s. Richard Gere plays John Klein, a ...

1993 People Sexiest Man Winner Richard Gere News

Monks, mosquitoes and Richard Gere: What India's biggest Buddhist gathering is really like

Washington Post
Rows of saffron-robed monks chanted and swayed in unison, interrupted only by the clang of cymbals or the beating of a drum. The Dalai Lama sat before them on an elaborate throne. It was the last day of an intensive two-week training on Buddhist ...

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