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1990 People Sexiest Man Winner Tom Cruise News

The horrible things a new documentary says about Tom Cruise and Scientology

Washington Post
Seven years ago, a leaked video of an actor America was accustomed to thinking of as a good guy — a Navy aviator, a lawyer fighting a corrupt law firm, the last samurai — made his grip seem tenuous at best. Try not to look: Tom Cruise was talking ...

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1990 People Sexiest Man Winner Tom Cruise News

Tom Cruise: Hollywood's Last Great Movie Star

A number of film critics have pointed out that Edge of Tomorrow (2014) is a metaphor for Tom Cruise's career. As Richard Roeper puts it, “You can't kill this guy. He'll just keep coming.” (“Edge of Tomorrow: a High Point in Tom Cruise's Indestructible ...

1990 People Sexiest Man Winner Tom Cruise News

Nicole Kidman's phone tapped during Tom Cruise marriage, documentary claims

Sydney Morning Herald
Among the bombshells asserted by eight former church members: Scientology intentionally broke up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman; it tortured some of its members in a prison known as "the hole" and subjected others to hard labor; it harassed those who ...

1990 People Sexiest Man Winner Tom Cruise News

Sundance: 'Going Clear' Filmmaker on Scientology, Wiretapping and Tom ...

Hollywood Reporter
As Alex Gibney's new Scientology doc made waves at the Sundance Film Festival, the director joined The Hollywood Reporter's festival lounge to elaborate on questions provoked by the controversial film. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief ...

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