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1989 People Sexiest Man Winner Sean Connery News

Can masculine culture survive without denigrating women?
Washington Post
I crack up at Sean Connery's profane definitions of winners and losers in “The Rock,” and especially at Nicolas Cage's hilarious riposte to him. I enjoy watching large men run into each other on Sunday afternoons, though I think I could still enjoy it ...

1989 People Sexiest Man Winner Sean Connery News

TNT guys liken Coach Pop to Sean Connery
mySanAntonio.com (blog)
The Spurs coach may want to adopt the famed James Bond intro after the TNT announcing team, led by Marv Albert, made hay over his resemblance, in look and attitude, to Bond star Sean Connery during Tuesday night's victory game against Dallas.

1989 People Sexiest Man Winner Sean Connery News

Michael Bay Is Making a Benghazi Movie, But Before You Scoff, Consider This
Undoing all good will established with an early slate of popcorn flicks universally considered half decent, the Transformers era of Bay's career has all but usurped his reputation entirely, cementing Bay perhaps forever as not the man who gave Sean ...

1989 People Sexiest Man Winner Sean Connery News

Mouse Trap Truck baits customers with gourmet grilled cheese creations
Daily Herald
This sandwich trumped all of actor Nicolas Cage's film work to date, with maybe the lone exception of "The Rock" (hello, Sean Connery!) The blend of flavors, when drizzled with that sugary glaze, brought even more raves than the Odd Father. The best ...

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