Who Won the 2000
Norris Trophy

Chris Pronger

St Louis Blues

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2000 Norris Trophy Winner Chris Pronger News

Sidney Crosby: an appreciation | Mike Sielski

His presence, in part, compelled the Flyers to trade for Chris Pronger in 2009, to take the chance that a 35-year-old franchise defenseman had enough left to neutralize the Penguins' star forwards. And Crosby has reduced his primary individual foil ...

2000 Norris Trophy Winner Chris Pronger News

Ron Hextall Trades, Ranked

Sports Talk Philly (blog)
During the 2015 Draft, Hextall pulled off what many considered to be impossible -- moving the $4.9 million cap hit of Chris Pronger, who had been inactive since 2011, while also shedding the dead weight of Nicklas Grossmann. Though Gagner posted eight ...

2000 Norris Trophy Winner Chris Pronger News

Flyers still seeking proper replacement for Laviolette | Mike Sielski

After that remarkable run to the 2010 Finals, he guided the Flyers to an 106-point season in 2010-11 and an 103-point season - with a revamped roster, without Chris Pronger, with the spacey Ilya Bryzgalov as the team's No. 1 goaltender - in 2011-12.

2000 Norris Trophy Winner Chris Pronger News

Edmonton Oilers Trade Tree: Chris Pronger traded to Anaheim Ducks

It's pretty incredible that the Ducks received pretty much the exact same package for Pronger that they used to get him in the first place three years prior: Two first-rounders, a big European defender with the initials L.S., and Joffrey Lupul. They ...

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