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1971 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Dennis Gabor News

Imperial announces winner of competition to name supercomputer

Imperial College London
Other illustrious names put forward for the competition included: Joan, after Joan Woodward who was the second female professorial appointment at Imperial; Dennis, in honour of the College's Professor Dennis Gabor who invented holography, and Eric Ash, ...

1971 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Dennis Gabor News

How Border Drones Were Built During the Vietnam War

Gizmodo UK
General Westmoreland was certainly prescient, but to paraphrase a quote from the inventor of the hologram, Dennis Gabor, it's also easier to predict the future when you're helping to create it. And that's precisely what the US military establishment ...

1971 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Dennis Gabor News

Orson Welles stars in “Touch of Evil,” FOLA's next movie

Also appearing in lesser roles are Joseph Cotton, Dennis Weaver, and Zsa Zsa Gabor. “Touch of Evil” is one of the last examples of film noir in the genre's classic era (from the early 1940s until the late 1950s). Since its release, the film's ...

1971 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Dennis Gabor News

Michael Sterk sichert Großlangheim den Sieg

Marktsteft: Franz-Xaver Hetterich 6/2, Gabor Czorba 5, Dennis Schmidt 4, Nico Schmidt 3, Marcel Munoz 3/1, Dominik Thorwarth 2, Viliam Vitkovic 2, Jens Arlt 1, Daniel Irmler 1. Lohr: Schmidt 7, Bauer 4, Scheiner 2, Seltsam 2, LaFerla 2, Mill 1 ...

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