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Luis Alvarez

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1968 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Luis Alvarez News

Bookings and Blotters: July 29
Hanford Sentinel
Luis Manuel Carales, 23, of Corcoran. Suspicion of two lewd contact with a minor related offense. Bail $100,000. Anthony Gonzales, 38, of Lemoore. Suspicion of receiving stolen property related offense. Bail $100,000. Ramiro Alvarez, 41, of Buttonwillow.

1968 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Luis Alvarez News

Scientists are about to use supernova cosmic rays to peer inside the most ...
Physicist Luis Alvarez turned to muons as his interrogating particles, since he knew they could move through the pyramid walls quite easily. The rate at which muons that enter the walls managed to come out the other side corresponds to how much stone ...

1968 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Luis Alvarez News

Showtime's prep-heavy Farhood basks in 200th afterglow
K-9 Bundrage and Luis Collazo were both stopped in their ShoBox debuts, so their ultimate success was a bit of a surprise. But the best surprise of all was Ishe Smith, who overcame so much before winning his world title. He's my personal favorite of ...

1968 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Luis Alvarez News

Small farms, big problems: Labor crisis goes ignored in idyllic setting
Al Jazeera America
When Rebecca Fuentes, an organizer from the Workers' Center of Central New York called the hospital to check on Álvarez, the farm owner's sister answered the phone and pretended to be a nurse, according to Fuentes and Álvarez. Because Álvarez's medical ...

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