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1967 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hans Bethe News

60 Years Of Starstuff: How Humanity Discovered Where Our Elements Come From

Noting that Alpher's name and his resembled the first and third letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha and gamma, when he submitted the paper, he decided to add physicist Hans Bethe's name, which sounded like beta, as the second author. Bethe had almost ...

1967 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hans Bethe News

Why It's Hypocritical To Refuse Immigrants & Refugees In A Country Built By Both

Huffington Post
Thomas Jefferson, Joseph Pulitzer, Madeline Albright, Jerry Yang, Gloria Estefan, Hans Bethe, Hannah Arendt, Elie Wiesel, Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, Andrew Jackson – to name a few of the thousands of influential Americans who are refugees ...

1967 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hans Bethe News

Spring Hans Bethe Lecture to explore 'Dark Universe'

Cornell Chronicle
In this spring's Hans Bethe Lecture at Cornell, physicist Joshua Frieman will introduce the Dark Universe, give an overview of what we have learned about it, and describe new experiments and observatories that aim to illuminate its enigmas. The free ...

1967 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hans Bethe News

When science brought Americans and Russians together

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
... Igor V. Kurchatov, Igor E. Tamm, Andrey D. Sakharov, Yakov B. Zeldovich, and many others—just as the American program was built on the shoulders of J. Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi, Hans Bethe, Edward Teller, John von Neumann, and many more ...

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