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1967 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hans Bethe News

Denny Erickson Wins 2017 Los Alamos History Award

Los Alamos Daily Post
In his role as co-chair he initiated the contacts with Clay and Dorothy Perkins, which led to the donation of the Hans Bethe House to the Society. This unanticipated donation completely changed our ability to tell the stories of our remarkable history.”.

1967 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hans Bethe News

John von Neumann, father of the computer revolution

He had such an incredible photographic memory and could solve problems in his head at such dazzling speed that Nobel Laureate Hans Bethe said, “I have sometimes wondered whether a brain like von Neumann's does not indicate a species superior to ...

1967 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hans Bethe News

Nobel Prize in Physics Goes to Caltech Members of LIGO Team

Space Ref (press release)
... he created a research group at Caltech in collaboration with a group at Cornell University led by his former student Saul Teukolsky (PhD '74), who is now jointly the Robinson Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics at Caltech and Hans A. Bethe ...

1967 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hans Bethe News

Espionage In Early Los Alamos

Los Alamos Daily Post
Editor's note: Samantha Lippard has a master's degree in history from Texas Tech University where she studied Russian and Soviet/American relations during the Cold War. She works weekends in the Harold Agnew Cold War Gallery in the Hans Bethe ...

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