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1949 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hideki Yukawa News

The Japanese were trying to make an atomic bomb, too

American Thinker
They had top scientists working on their atomic bomb, including a future Nobel-prize winner, Hideki Yukawa. Over the course of the war they spent millions on the program, hunting uranium, building crucial separators, designing a workable bomb, and ...

1949 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hideki Yukawa News

Donald Trump: 'NATO is very obsolete'

Washington Times
Hideki Yukawa. PedroB • 2 days ago. Don't waste your breath. You're addressing historical illiterates at best, revisionists at worst. Daniel Christian • 1 month ago. You can use that argument to make the case for Russian annexation of Lithuania Estonia ...

1949 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hideki Yukawa News

Why We Need To Thank Homi Bhabha for India's Role In The Discovery of Gravitational Waves

Huffington Post India
The three stages of black hole collision as observed in supercomputer simulation of Einstein Equations. C V Vishveshwara from the Raman Research Institute, along with S. Chandrasekhar (Nobel Prize, 1983) did the historic work in understanding of the ...

1949 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Hideki Yukawa News

Nuclear Watch: Angered by Allied occupation forces' confiscation of research notes (Pt. 28)

Mainichi Daily News
The purpose of the team's visit was to meet professor Hideki Yukawa, who was well known in the world for his theory of mesons. The team met with Yukawa and professor Bunsaku Arakatsu at Kyoto University who both played a leading role in research on ...

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