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Otto Stern

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1943 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Otto Stern News

Telegeneticists Breed More Mediagenic Humans

The Onion (satire)
... often do during my sleep, I dreamt of the lithe-limbed and frustratingly over-corseted Sophie Tucker. But midway through the dream, without warning, the lady-actress' enchanting features changed to the stern visage of German Chancellor Otto Von ...

1943 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Otto Stern News

David T. Alexander: Ships on World Coins!

CoinWeek (blog)
Cyprus' first 1955 decimal 28mm copper-nickel 100 mils presented a graceful galley sailing right over stylized waves with swan's head stern and single sail. Ancient epic poet Homer was portrayed on the Greek Republic's aluminum-bronze 50 drachmes of ...

1943 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Otto Stern News

Superior Court Judge Transferred Days After Calling For New Trial In Domestic ...

Gazette Newspapers
Judge James Otto was moved from Department 18 to Department 24 to replace Judge Art Jean, who retired at the beginning of April. And, Judge Douglas Stern is replacing Behar in Department 2. Mary Eckhardt Hearn, director of public information for the ...

1943 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Otto Stern News

Call Board: Coming Attractions for Cincinnati Theatergoers

Cincinnati CityBeat
Get your calendars read for another avalanche of shows from local theaters. Know Theatre just announced its 2015-2016 season, and several others have done the same recently, so you'll find everything rounded up in this “Call Board” blog for CityBeat ...

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